Public Forum in Elbasan, Elections 2021

Public Forum held with the participation of citizens and the political candidates for MPs- Parliamentary Elections 2021

The Organizations Network “Juxtaposing Political Offers-POP”, is organizing Public Forums in the framework of the Parliamentary Elections of April 25,2021, with the presence of citizens, civil society and candidates for MPs from various parties, in the regions of Tirana, Durrës, Shkodër, Kukës, Vlorë, Korçë and Fier.

The forum aims to discuss about the problems of the community and the political offers of political subjects in this electoral race, focusing on Health, Economic Development, Public Infrastructure, Civil Participation and transparency.

Electoral processes are an excellent opportunity to increase public debate between the candidates for MPs, but also even among the citizens as well, in order to orientate the political platforms toward their needs and priorities.

In this forum we have invited the candidates for MPs of various political subjects to be part of the discussion panel, to present their program and plans for the next four years.

We invite civil society organizations, media, citizens and any interested institution, to become part of these debates.

Due to anti-COVID protocols, the Public Forum will be organized in hybrid format with not too much people presence, but in the same time offering the possibility to join this forum through the ZOOM platform, or\ and through the direct link to the Official Facebook page of POP, where you can have the opportunity to write down your questions or comments.


Juxtaposing Political Offers Network