Public Forum in Korçë, Elections 2021

Public Forum held with the participation of citizens and the political candidates for MPs – Parliamentary Elections 2021

“Woman in Development” center in collaboration with Gender Alliance for Development Center (GADC), organized the public forum with the candidates for MPs- Parliamentary Elections 2021.

The invitation to be part of this forum, was accepted by Mrs. Sorina Koti „Democratic Party”, Mrs. Ismeralda Seidolli “Socialist Movement for Integration”, Mr. Leonard Olli “Bindja Demokratike“ and Mr. Klajdi Pllaha from “Hashtag Movement”.

During the forum has been discussed about the electoral platforms of each candidate, oriented towards the “Social Pact” of 2017 and the “Social Contract” of 2019, as local and central priorities.

The political offers focusing on:  health, economic development, public infrastructure, civil participation and transparency.

Due to anti-COVID protocols, the Public Forum has been organized in hybrid format offering the possibility to join this forum through the ZOOM platform, or/and live in official Facebook page of POP.

Juxtaposing Political Offers Network