Public Forum, Tirana

Focus on: Social Pact 2017 and Social Contract 2019 – unrealized priorities of Tirana’s citizens, as part of political platforms of the candidates from Tirana and Kamza.

AIIA and Gender Alliance for Development Center (GADC), organized today the public forum with political candidates of political subject competing  in Parliamentary Elections 25 April.

The invitation to take part in this forum, was accepted from Mrs. Romina Kuko, “Socialist Party”, Mrs. Oriola Pampuri, “Democratic Party”, Mr. Edmond Haxhinasto, “ Socialist Movement for Integration”, Mrs.Borana Tartari,  “Hashtag Movement” and Mr. Fabian Topollaj from “Democratic Conviction”

During the forum has been discussed about the electoral platforms of each candidate, orientated toward the “Social Pact” points of 2017 and the “Social Contract” of 2019s, as local and governmental priorities.

The discussion focused on Tirana citizens priorities: worthy salary, budgeting and education, referendums and the lack of a special law, public consultation and transparency, health, infrastructure.

Due to anti-covid protocols, the Public Forum has been organized in hybrid format offering the possibility to join this forum through the ZOOM platform, or also live in FB where it was possible questioning the candidates.

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